Rooftop Lounge & Jacuzzi Experience

Rooftop Lounge & Jacuzzi (from 10 am to 10 pm)


uring the hot, sunny summer days, feel free to chill at the hotel’s Rooftop Lounge area, surrounded by refreshing greenery, while overlooking the vintage cityscape of Athens and the breathtaking Acropolis. And when the heat gets the best of you, feel free to immerse yourself in the stunning jacuzzi/pool that overlooks the Acropolis. Of course, the Rooftop Bar will provide you with refreshing drinks and fruity cocktails during the day to keep your spirits up!

Safety First

Please, follow the guidelines below:

Caution: Slippery floor surface when wet

Avoid entering the jacuzzi with clothes. Danger of discoloration

Do not use jacuzzi under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Do not use any products in the jacuzzi as it may cause filter damage

Children should not use the jacuzzi without adult supervision

Diving is forbidden

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